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PRC's Major Technology Introducing Projects
 (From Year 1993 - 2000)




1.Agricultural Development in Henan Province
Upgrade 1 1 1,000 acres of low-yield farmland along the Yellow River and expand irrigation area to 60,000 acres
2.Agricultural Development in Sichuan Province
Upgrade Wudu-Shengzhong irrigation facilities which irrigate 60,000 acres of farmland and support the poor people
3. Agricultural Irrigation Works of the Basins of the Yellow River, Huaihe River and Haihe River Develop grain production facilities and improve irrigation systems in Jiangsu, Shandong and Anhui
4. Irrigation Works at Uygur Autonomous Region in Southern Xinjiang
Cultivate 30,000 acres of wasteland and upgrade 45,000 acres of low-yield farmland
5. Tongyuhe River Project in Northern Jiangsu
River course is 150 miles long and the project covers 46,000 acres of irrigation area of farmland
6. Development of Agricultural Irrigation Works in Hunan
Agricultural development and improvement of water conservation facilities in Lake Dongting area
7. Development of Agricultural Irrigation Works in Hubei
Agricultural development in Jianghan Plain- upgrade water conservation facilities and grow forestry
8. Agricultural Development in Jilin Province and Changchun City

Overall development of planting industry as well as the processing of animal and agricultural by-products in Baicheng, Qianguo, Fuyu and Changch
9. Agricultural Development in Liaohe Plain, Liaoning Province
Overall development of the planting industry as well as the processing of aquatic and agricultural by-products
10. Promulgation of Agricultural Technology and Related Service Introduce and promulgate new technologies on breeding of seeds and livestock