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  PRC's Interim Provisions for the Regulation of Resident
Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises 

(issued by the State Council on October 30, 1980)

Article 1: These provisions are formulated for the development of international economic and trade contacts and for the regulation of resident representative offices of foreign companies, enterprises and other economic organizations (hereinafter referred to as "foreign enterprises") in China.

Article 2: A foreign enterprise which needs to establish a resident representative office in China must first submit an application and, upon receipt of approval, complete the registration procedures.

Article 3: A foreign enterprise shall submit the following documents and materials in its application for the establishment of a resident representative office in China:

a. An application signed by the chairman of the board of directors or the presidnt of the enterprise. The application shall include the name of the resident representative office, its personnel, its scope of business, its location and term of residence,

b. An official business license issued by the pertinent authorities where the enterprise is located-

c. An affidavit of capital statement issued by a financial institution with which the enterprise has business relationship-

d. An official statement from the enterprise indicating the personnel appointed to the resident representative office. The resume of each person appointed must be included in the statement.

Financial and insurance enterprises shall submit, in addition to sub-paragraphs a, b, and d above, an annual report including financial and income statements, the articles of incorporation, and a list of the members of the board of directors.

Article 4: Depending on the nature of business, applications for the establishment of foreign resident representative offices are to be approved by the pertinent authorities, as follows:

a. International trade and production-oriented enterprises: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

b. Financial and insurance enterprises,

People's Bank of China